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September 24, 2019


Something in the universe is killing off entire galaxies

(Thanks to DaninDallas, whose theory is “It’s the squirrels.”)


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While in China, we fashioned pizza with the local version of Spam as the featured ingredient.

Sadly, my family won't let me reconstruct the event with or without pineapple

Grand Moff Tarkin and his Death Star must be at it again.

"When all the gas for forming stars is removed a galaxy is essentially a dead object."

I hope this scientific study will prove that people who fart are not just saving the planet. Shucks, we're saving the entire galaxy!

Well Duuuuhhh. Any Marvel comic book fan knows this is the work of GALACTUS. Anyone seen THE WATCHER ?

Turn on the bathroom fan.

Don't they know it's the doomsday machine that Capt. Kirk is going to destroy in about 250 years or so?

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