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September 20, 2019


The Florida International University Police Department said a man has been crawling underneath tables at the FIU Library to take a whiff at feet.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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It's his sole purpose in life..

Quite the sneaker.

Allow me to assist. One whiff of my pods and he'll swear off feet for life.

It could be our sniffer is on a day pass from a mental hospital where he is fighting objectophilia, or love of an object. He is solidly married to a pair on Nike's, yet he has periods where the urges cause the poor chap to visit the cheating feet beneath sad tables of life....What?

"Officer, I'm on the biochemistry faculty here, and I'm studying the variation in foot smells in the population. I have a federal grant for this."

I bet the patrons yelled: "SHOE...SHOE...". OK not nearly as good as Stix's or maryqos's...but its all I had....

This guy is in need of both heeling and healing for his podophelia foot fetish. He should be shooed away as it's a toe-tally sick way to get your kicks and is self-defeeting behavior.

Pharmaross - Sock it to him..

LOL @ LeDud!

Another sad consequence of consumers buying everything online. In the past, this man would have likely had a successful and fulfilling career as the manager of shoe store.

I wiffed a midterm exam once. Something tells me this isn't quite the same thing.

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