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September 18, 2019


FBI seeking help identifying a bank robber dressed as a mummy

(Thanks tio pharmaross)


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Did he show a gub?

Well his disguise worked. I sure don't recognize him.

For some, Halloween trick-or-treating is a year-round affair.

Now all the rest of the mummies will start to complain about profiling.

Of course they're profiled. When has a mummy that was out of its grave NOT terrorized people?

Hey! I've seen that guy on me crew.

The cops confiscated the mummy's supply of Tanna leaves, so he'll be turning himself in shortly.

Sounds like a crummy mummy.

The police hope to wrap the case up soon.

I bet it was Marwan.

I think it is Boris Karloff, as Imhotep.

Update on the FBI's search for the Mummy Marauder.Right now on Dog the FBI Bounty Hunter, "What's wrong with you mummy Bro, I chased you all the way here to Egypt...now I'm gonna spray you with this giant can of pepper spray."

OMG, it's Janice the guitar player in The Electric Mayhem from the Muppets!

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