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September 10, 2019


New 'Day of the Dead Barbie' celebrates Mexican holiday

(Thanks to pharmaross and keith intampa)


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Nothing say lovn'
Like Barbie in a coffin.

" .. sugar skulls going on sale .." Hoo boy, I can hardly wait.

If successful, this will be expanded to "Goth Barbie".

Hopefully the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre Barbie" will be in stores before Christmas.

pharmaross, the deal with Stihl for her accessory hasn't been finalized.

I like it.

I'll wait for the Gumby version.

A true competitor to the American Stiff Dolls.

This will look great on the shelf next to my Cheerleader Barbie!

This doll could turn up on drug cartel altars dedicated to 'Santa Muerte.' Of course, she may be too pretty.


Thx for information, I like it.

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