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September 22, 2019


Dwarf porn star jailed in Las Vegas, accused of stabbing boyfriend

(Thanks to James Flynn and pharmaross) (And Jeff Meyerson, he claims)


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She has a rap sheet about 2 inches long.

I could swear I sent this in a few days ago.

Until this very moment, I was unaware that such a thing as " dwarf porn star " even existed. Thanks a lot for nothing.

I believe you Jeff. You sent it to me a few days ago and I said I never thought I'd read a headline that mentioned the words dwarf and porn star in the same sentence. I hope I never read a headline like that again.

This sounds pretty tame for Las Vegas.

I ordered online a 42" TV. I was very surprised when a midget transvestite showed up.

I believe there was a rejected Ed Wood movie script;

"Teenage Mutant,Transvestite, Dwarf, Ninja Squirrels Rehabilitate Midget Porn Star."

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