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September 14, 2019


Increasing concerns over Muff traffic issues

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Police warn drivers to be especially cautious because of the many DUI collisions near this local business:


It's a growing concern.

Local law enforcement officers claim are diving into the problem.

I never knew that Muff driving was so dangerous.


It can definitely get a bit hairy.

And if you don't watch it, you can have a close shave.

The next Citizens Traffic Advisory meeting will be held at this area restaurant:


@pharmaross - oooo ... you can get it to go!

Sad - first Butt moves south, now this

If they want a speed deterrent, they should hire the Michigan DOT. The road will be full of potholes in no time.

The main problem with Muff is that the entrance is in most cases one way. Problems occur when drivers try to back in or make a U-turn.

True, ImNotDave, and roundabouts can be tricky as well, but ultimately rewarding. Also, high speed manoeuvres in Muff, if executed with skill, can lead to good craic.

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