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August 22, 2019


Ibiza police searching for naked Ferrari-riding woman

(Thanks to pharmaross and Le Petomane)


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Arn't we all?

Police followed the Ferrari until their cruiser ran out of gas.

ImNotDave,did you mean Aren't we all? Men!

I must be lookin' for love in all the wrong places.

What Ferrari?

Certainly not the first time a guy with a Ferrari wound up with a naked woman in it.

@ Nursecindy -

arn't - Urban Dictionary
Arnt is short (slang) for Are Not. It is used mostly in personal emails that are non-job related. In a professional environment it is rarely used accept in a joking ...

arn't - Wiktionary
English[edit]. Verb[edit]. arn't. Alternative form of ain't quotations ▽. 1882, James Jackson, Tom Terror, the Outlaw: It arn't often thet a fellow gits hanged twice in ...

And congratulations in your new position As Ms. Grammar Person.

Didn't even notice the misspelling. Mmmmmm, naked lady on a Ferrari. Come on guys NC needs that naked male underwear model on a Porsche.

@ Loudmouth -
Sorry to report that Joe Namath is unavailable.

Was this a Chevy Chase/Christie Brinkley movie?...

I've gotta say, for once that was someone in a news story about naked people thatI didn't mind seeing naked.

To settle cindy and NotDave's dispute, the correct version is "Am we all ain't?"

You're welcome.

But I digress. The question I really came here to ask is, How do you say "APB" in Spanish?

I'mNotDave, Joe's too busy chasing Suzy Kolber.

I saw Naked Ferrari-Riding Woman open for... never mind, my ride is here!

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