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August 07, 2019


Louisiana attorney wants jurors who won't judge client's tattoos

(Thanks to Rod Nunley and bayou girl, who says “He’s apparently single!”)


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Yeah, well, good luck with that, moron.

That's a face only a mother could love... No, I take that back, not even a mother.

Is he accused of robbing an ink store, or had he simply been posing with an octopus on his face?

wanderer2575-- His mother does like having him around. She especially likes to have him answer the door. No matter what those people were selling were selling, they always left in a hurry---and they never came back!

Sign of a good defense attorney:

Overheard during jury deliberations, "did you see any tattoos, I didn't see any tattoo's?

I heard a funny comment awhile back: "Not everyone with tattoos is a criminal. But every criminal has tattoos." Hey I'll use that line when they want me on a jury to try a freak.

Would they hold it against me if I screamed everytime I looked at him?

They should be able to find 12 Yakuza jurors someplace.

They had to settle for letting the defendant wear a paper bag over his head.

Call him Queegqueg.

There's still a little space on his ears.

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