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August 20, 2019


French couple faces prison time for taking 90 pounds of sand from Sardinia

(Thanks to wanderer2575 and Fabian Marson, who says “The death penalty is not good enough.”)


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Ninety POUNDS? Yeah, this is a major trafficking operation.

So how much does Sardinian sand sell for on the street, anyway?

I heard stealing ice from Iceland is a hanging offense.

Le Pet, I was there last year, and happily can report that it is not. Of course, there was that matter of getting it back to Texas unmelted....

Next under the hammer are tourists who buy those little souvenir glass bottles of (exotic location) air.

They're supposed to buy that in the duty free shop at the airport.

What're you in for - murder? kidnapping? robbery?

Uh, no stealing sand.

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