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August 19, 2019


Wisconsin brewery recalls beer due to ‘risk of explosion’

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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You really never own beer. You only rent it.

Beer: The only word that begins with B and and ends with P.

If it'll explode while still in the bottle, what'll it do to you if you manage to drink it?

"Hey dudes, wait until you get a load of this dynamite beer I just scored."

Hold my beer and watch me run away.

I suppose there are worst ways to die.

The brewery said the beer was safe to drink so drink up, fast.

You I would explode like Mr. Creosote?

They recalled Schlitz?

You usually only see this kind of recall associated with tacos.

I bought a pack of Guinness Nitro. I'm worried.

I had an uncle who's homebrew blew up all the time.

If you light up the gas from the beer
You could easily BLACKEN your REAR!

Huh. No-one pointed out that this ballistic beverage is not beer at all.

It's got cherries in it.

That's a salad dressing. Ain't no fruitified beer.

Stoopid millenials.

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