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August 17, 2019


Vomiting and defecating black vultures overrun New York couple's $700k Florida vacation home - and leave it smelling like 'a thousand rotting corpses'

(Thanks to Ralph, sysilvola, pharmaross and B'game)


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When a house becomes overrun with vomiting, defecating vultures and the place smells 'like a thousand rotting corpses,' it may be time to call the local CSI to check things out.

They didn't get to Mar a Lago. Professional courtesy, no doubt.

I know wildlife rehabilitators who had to deal with an even worse problem — vultures unable to vomit. It's called "sour crop," where the gizzzard is full but won't empty in either direction.

You put on rubber boots and gloves, go outside to the far end of the parking lot (this is NOT done inside a facility), turn the bird upside down, and disgorge the rotten contents.

And you thought you had a lousy job?

Ralph-We have heard of "chicken chokers" but having to turn buzzards upside down to cause them to puke reminds me of what it must have been being Mr. Creosote's waiter in The Meaning of Life.

I saw Second-Hand Carrion open for Coldplay.

Ralph, kinda reminds me of George Carlin's line, "his breath could knock a buzzard off a shit-wagon." This would seem to imply another level.

Vomiting Vultures once opened for Hawkwind.

Thus taking care of both ends.

They were sent from NY by the Cuomo Nostra.

“Katz said one of the neighbors is to blame because she excessively feeds vultures, which causes the birds to keep returning.

She claims the same neighbor used to wade into the water to feed alligators”

Shouldn’t this be under “Guess the State”?

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