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August 02, 2019


Mating echidnas of Moonie keep outback family up all night

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I thought it said "mating enchiladas" for a second.

Mating Moonies WBAGNFARB.

Since this is Australia we can assume the mating echidnas of Moonie are venomous.

Echidna mom: "OK, kid, you're starting to get a little prickly. Get out."

Mating echidnas of Moonie: Rejected group name for " The Eagles ".

I used to have a "Moonie Maties" lunchbox. It had a thermos that you could use for bug specimens.

Le Petomane: Unlike their Platypus cousins, Echidna spurs are no longer venomous. They are sexy instead.

Holy Mating Echidnas, Batman!

"Formerly Venomous Spurs" opened for "Mating Echidnas of Moonie" at Newport in '72.

"Mating echidnas of Moonie" was rejected as an miniseries on Notflix.

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