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August 28, 2019


The state has asked Lilac City Grille bartender Wendy Auger to turn in her 15-year-old plate reading “PB4WEGO,” which stands for “pee before we go,” because phrases related to excretory acts aren’t permitted.

(Thanks to Paul Sand and pharmaross)


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It took them 15 years to notice this?

A common parental phrase has landed a Gonic mother in warm water...

That definitely will make her have to P.

Also note the state didn't have any problem collecting the vanity plate surcharge for 15 years.

Not exactly in the spirit of the motto on the plate.

My dad gave me his car a few years ago. It had a Vietnam War Veteran plate and since it was going to expire in a few months anyway I kept it. When it was time to renew the plate I explained to the DMV that I wanted a regular plate. A new one. They said I could only get one if the other had been lost or stolen. I told them it was rusty and I just wanted a new one. Again stating just a regular, non Vietnam Veteran plate. A few weeks later I received the new plate which was exactly like the one I replaced. I still have it because I figured if someone went to all the trouble to make another one why not use it? Sometimes the DMV folks are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

Us older guys need this message as a reminder on the dash.

Rod Nunley: The motto on the plate is actually only half the toast that General Stark proposed as an afterword in a letter declining to attend a dinner for veterans of the Battle of Bennington 32 years later — he was too sick.

The full text is "Live free or die. Death is not the greatest of evils."

Was Stark advocating assisted suicide as well as freedom? Did the NH legislature not want to tackle that question when they adopted only the first part of the toast as the motto? Was the toast ever proposed? Can you picture a room full of drunken elderly veterans giving this toast if it was?

Death is not the greatest of evils. Bureaucracy and politics, on the other hand, ranks pretty high.

Nurse Cindy: They're not even knives. They're wooden spoons.

@oldPhil - I work in field service, so before I go anywhere I have to check two things:
1. take your tools.
2. Pee, even if you don't feel like it.

There's a guy here in Geezer Acres who has a vanity plate that reads ; "IPFreely."
Considering the average dude age here in the park, we thought he was just bragging.

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