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August 21, 2019


A Pasco County man is facing a battery charge after deputies say he threw a cup of urine on an acquaintance because he was angry a drug test came back clean.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Half a century ago, I went for an Army physical. A guy was walking around with a cup, saying, "Anyone here got diabetes? Fill this up."

So this guy just happened to have a drug-testing kit on him?

Seems like once a month we used to line up at the latrine building. You went in and didn’t leave until you provided your specimen. Be sanitary and washing my hands afterwards, I would also rinse the bottle off. The expression on the medics face receiving a went bottle was priceless.

Neighbor, drug test thyself.

Some people just have a pissy attitude.

Victims's urine or suspect's urine? 'Why' is the question. Wet Areas lead to arrest who coincidentally opened for Elvis.

I usually just charge my battery by plugging it in.

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