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August 19, 2019


Guy Builds Huge, Incredible Racetracks For Squirrels In His Backyard

(Thanks to Michael Myer)


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We should encourage all of our squirrels to compete. It will be like the Davis cup, only it’s not tennis.
The best thing is, since the course is in England, we can export our squirrels. And their evil allies, the chipmunks.

Not traitor. Really smart. Keeps them occupied. Keeps the squirrels from getting into more trouble.

Remember, idle hands (paws) are the Devil's playground.

Barley recently returned home from an evening out with his wife to find his roof had been removed and squirrels were using his now exposed attic as an outdoor stadium featuring dirt bike racing exhibitions.

His wife was overheard saying, "You frickin' idiot...STOP!"

If that metal piece had an ample supply of electricity to it, the course would be perfect.

Surgio ignored most of the track and went straight for the feeder. More Russian interference in politics.

"Great idea. We build racetrack longer and longer, then eventually dump stupid squirrels into ocean. Make bigger racetrack, maybe get moose too."

And by "incredible" they mean "weird."

That’s Nuts....

It's England, so that explains evrathin'.

We don't need to export squirrels to England. American imports already are displacing the supposedly more benign native English squirrels. England is in trouble, and the French are worried.

"Benign" squirrels? There ain't no such animal.

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