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August 15, 2019


Ohio State University wants to trademark the word 'The'

(Thanks to Steve K, pharmaross and Mark Schlesinger)


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Knowing several OSU alumni, I think it would be more appropriate for them to trademark the article adjective: "A" with the block "O" on merchandise as "A-O" (an O is essentially a hole, right?)

How about 'WTF'?

How many of you knew Linda Ronstadt's grandfather held many patents besides the trademark for the alternative word for 'the' ('what 'da'), but it was the patent for his plastic ice cube maker that made him the most money. I think of her singing Desperado every time I twist one and the no good ice cubes fly out onto the floor.

Ohio has a state university? Wow! I learn something new here everyday.

Here's hoping that whoever runs the trademark office is a Michigan alum.

Ahhh you all just wish you had a football team.

THE Buckeyes rule.


What's a buckeye?

It's perfectly understandable. They're proud of their accomplishments. After years of effort, the football team can spell 'the` correctly 3 out of 5 times

True story - After a Buckeye whomping of Indiana, (in Indiana) while we were all walking out to our cars, I heard an unhappy Indiana fan shout "What IS a Buckeye?" as if that was a clever insult or something. The irony being, of course, that no-one actually knows what a Hoosier is, (look it up) and a Buckeye is a tree.

Just use another word. I have a 300 page book with no letter "e" (Title "A Void")

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