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August 15, 2019


Bangkok woman hospitalised after she falls over and a cucumber ended up inside her

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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"Where'd that thing go?" "It was here a minute ago." "It has to be around here some place."

nursecindy has mainly similar stories she heard during her days in the ER, mostly involving farmers, overalls, and light bulbs.

I'm sure she felt reassured when that guy pulled out his cellphone and started filming.

"I'm Pickle Rick!!!"

Actually the farmers usually had flashlights stuck in them. They always told me they'd accidentally sat on them when they got in their pickup trucks. We had one guy that had accidentally sat on one and it was actually on and bright enough we could see a slight glow in his abdomen We had to send him to the OR to get it out. I told him that maybe he should start putting his flashlights in the glove compartment.

That's some pretty intense stock footage.

"Sorry ma'am, but we can't seem to find a Church of the Immaculate Cucumber to pay your hospital bill."

Otter: "Mine's bigger."

Not that I would know from personal experience, but a friend told me that the Banana Show was not to be missed. It went in whole and unpeeled and came out in chunks. There was also the dart show. We had a pilot who got hit in the eye and had to go to the hospital. I bet that was hard to explain. What do you expect in a place named Bangkok? I miss my aircrew days......

Murray Head's One Night in Bangkok was a pretty good tune.

I used to proofread copy for a proctology periodical. Nothing surprises me.

Laurie Ann-Farr Bobskill -- Was that publication called "And in the End..." ??

Laurie Ann-Farr Bobskill--Wasn't 'Where the Sun Never Shines' a proctology bestseller?

The problem with being a proctology proofreader is that you can never delete or insert a colon.

When in school to become a Proctologist,
Are they only allowed to work on semicolons?

“helped rescue the cucumber“

Was the cucumber placed in the witness protection program?

She was in quite a pickle. I'm glad that with medical attention that she is no longer encumbered.

I hereby nominate Laurie Ann-Farr Bobskill for having such a cool blogname. It sounds like a Dr. Who character.

PirateBoy, yes!

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