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August 22, 2019


6 people — between 62 and 85 — arrested for alleged sexual activity in Conn. conservation area

(Thanks to many people, including Kevin Meerschaert, who says “Beats the hell out of pickleball.”)


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80 year old man to doctor:
Doc you gotta lower my sex drive!
You want me to LOWER your SEX DRIVE?
Yea doc! My sex drive is all in my head and I need you to lower it!

I'm not in this age group but the first thing I would have done, if I saw this happening, would be to take off my glasses.

Soon we won't have any rights left at all.

Thankfully, the article didn't include any video or pictures.


Nothing beats Pickleball.

This wasn't 5 men having sex with an 85YO woman. it was 4 men having sex with one another and an 85YO woman and her 82YO husband busted in their car nearby. Sounds like they may even be innocent. The husband says he hasn't had any in 10 years, and intends to prove that in court. I hope that makes the news.

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