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August 13, 2019


Celebrate by burning one of these.

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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As a 'lefty', I say burning is too good for em

And don’t force a lefty to write opposite handed and give poor marks for penmanship

Not that I’m bitter 50 years later

NMUA - Been there, Done that.

I would hear stories from the Catholic schoolkids about how the Nuns would crack the children across the knuckles with a ruler for using the 'incorrect' hand.


As long as none of you is bitter. That's what's important.

All I can say to left handed people is, in your next life, get it right.

Why is it that only lefties know which hand people favor while righties seem to assume that everyone is like them?

Most drawn comic type characters are left handed, perhaps reflecting their creators.

You haven't lived until you have taken a loooooooong exam on the wrong desk. Whaa-whaa-whaa!

Here endeth the whinging.

NMUA, my wife is with you, though I must admit her handwriting is still unreadable.

Being lefthanded didn't stop Reagan, Bush (Poppy), Clinton, or Obama from becoming President.

My daughter and ex-husband are lefties. If I hear, "Only lefties are in their right minds" one more time.....

Despite annoyingly persistent contentions perhaps due to his erroneous inclusion on some Internet lefthanders lists, Ronald Wilson Reagan was NOT left-handed, to which tons of photos of him signing legislation attest.

Oh, and did you ever notice that reggae master Jimmy Cliff--not often an onstage guitarist--when he does pick one up, it's a right-hand axe that he simply plays upside-down left-handedly, unlike, say Slim Whitman, McCartney and Hendrix (and me as well, for that matter) who switch the strings or better yet, simply buy actual left-handed guitars and basses (of which I own eight).

So enjoy your International Lefthanders Day, a woefully underpublicized holiday ever since its 1992 inception by somebody or other...and for me annually (no exaggeration), about as big as New Year's, Christmas and Independence Day rolled into one! (And thus I was severely disappointed when my favorite leftie, the smartest and most talented person anywhere in the morning TV news biz, Savannah Guthrie, let the occasion go unremarked-upon on Today this morning!)


Hey, even righties hate those. Any rightie over 165 lbs, anyway.

Here ya go, Dave...

Left-handers (that includes me) are a larger segment of the population than some other groups that incessantly demand special rights and dispensations from anybody and everybody. Why haven't we?

We need to unite so that those of us who identify as alternately side-preferenced get our fair share of whatever we can get our fair share of. After all, this isn't a lifestyle choice, we were born this way.

Time for lefthanders to get together and designate an emotional support animal. I read somewhere that 66% of orangutans are lefthanded.

Wanderer, you couldn't really bring them on planes, because they're the ones loading the bags.

Being left-handed means you always have to sit at the far end of the sushi bar.

Guin - I always try to set at the left end of the dinner table, nothing ruins a good meal like an overactive right handed eater.

My dad was ambidextrous. His frequent skipping of meals and denial of hunger never bothered me.

Does it spook anybody else that so many of us on this blog are lefties?

Only write left handed.
Does that count?

Rudolph - Lefty is righty.

My sister is amphibious- she can write with her left and right hand.

@Qaz - She does it underwater?

@pogo - sorry, my mistake, she is ambivalent.

Qaz - Was your sister in the military's left handed division? They were famous for the Ambivalent Combat Vehicle.

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