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August 13, 2019


A sinkhole roughly the size of six to seven washing machines has closed the northbound lanes of State Line Road near 100th Street in Kansas City, Missouri.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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On the bright side, this is not a story about a hailstorm. "The city was pelted with hail the size of washing machines."

If this was in Oklahoma, they'd just drop six or seven washing machines in it and declare it fixed.

Top-load or front-load?

And for those who are metric-minded, how many kilodishwashers is that?

Back when surveyors used to mess with people, they measured in chains. I suppose it's time to make a clean break from the past and use washing machines.

"Commuters agitated."

See the comments here.

I suspect the reporter is male and his wife recently dragged him to hell and back shopping for a new washing machine.

Rudolph, it could have been worse She could have taken him to the yarn store.

many thanks for the link Ralph, that feed won the internet today I think

That sinkhole is too small to be measured in the number of cars it would hold, so washing machines work.

Chinese or Korean washing machines?

How many washing machines in a Volkswagen, again? My calculator can't handle that one.

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