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August 23, 2019


The great Australian cafe war

(Thanks to Bobby Grawl)


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Is that a 'tramp stamp' on her butt?

This IS a Seinfeld episode!

I'm picturing it more as a Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan '90's movie.

What's in the coffee that induces this sort of behavior?

I'm surprised one of them didn't hire one of those firms that do digital light projection wraps around the outside of the building.

From Harvey Fraser's picture, he looks embalmed and likely won't be the life of any party. If drinking that coffee causes this, we'll stick with beer

Le Pet, it's always best to stick with beer anyway. As great as coffee it, it ain't beer.

It would funnier still if the business in question was a massage parlor.

Key quote: "We’re just two competitive dickheads."

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