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August 17, 2019


A seaside town is planning to install public toilets that will stop sexual activity by spraying amorous occupants with water and sounding an alarm.

(Thanks to Ron T)


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Wouldn't it be cheaper and simpler just to have someone throw a bucket of water on them?

One of the sensors is based on weight, indicating two people are inside. If this was in the USA, half the population would set it off.

When I was in college, all "sexual activity" would stop whenever I asked someone out on a date. I did date some very pretty women, but strangely, only during Lent.

It did work on my cat, so maybe it will work on people too.

They think WATER is going to work? Nonsense. You want to stop this activity? Skunk juice. Guaranteed to do the trick.

Or vomiting vultures.

Time to install this in Congress.

Funny, our shower at home doesn't seem to stop us. I guess an alarm might.

Porpoises won't care.

They don't mention what kind of alarm sounds before the water starts pouring down. I'm thinking it's a recording of Bobby Goldsboro singing "Watching Scotty Grow". I know that would get me out of there pretty quickly.

What if there’s just one occupant? Is that ok? I’m asking for a friend.

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