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August 09, 2019


Utah residents report hundreds of stink bugs at gas station

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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This qualifies the bugs to serve in the Kenyan parliament.

But not the US Congress. That's reserved for cockroaches.

"What kind of bugs are these?"

"They're called Say's Stink Bugs."

"You don't have to say they stink, we know that. What are they called?"

"Say's Stink Bugs!"

"Say what?"

"Say's stink bugs is what they're called."

"Say what?"

"I'm not saying another word."

"You can say that again."

Where are the seagulls when you need them

I've had to deal with (brown) stinkbugs, and I wouldn't even wish them on a proselytizing Mormon. Maybe these stinkbugs are nature's revenge, though. "Excuse us ma'am, do you have a few minutes to read this literature about vanishing stinkbug habitat?"

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