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August 11, 2019


‘How do I dial on this?’: New pay phone in Lawrence stumping youngsters

(Thanks to Ralph)


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"How do I dial this?" - Funny how the term "dial" is still in use by people who have never actually seen or used a dial phone.

But so far no one has asked "how do I put in my pocket?"

A kid once asked me the time and I told him it was quarter to two. He couldn't understand that. I had to say "1:45."

Thanks for making me feel 100.

Yeah, this would have been much better had it been a rotary phone. Some years ago while watching an old movie, I noticed my son staring intently as one of the characters dialed a rotary phone, trying to figure out how it worked.

"Next quarter, class, we will learn how to write a letter by hand. Then, we will study where and how to buy stamps and apply them correctly on an envelope."

My thoughts exactly Rod. I still have a rotary dial phone on a table in my living room but it doesn't work anymore.

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