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August 13, 2019


A young driver allegedly pushed this BMW he got from him parents into a river-- because he wanted a Jaguar.

(Thanks to Le Petomane, Asher Scheiner, elseabs, Le Petomane and Jim Perth)


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In the end, I guess he got what he deserved.

Give the kid a Trabant.

The millennials are revolting.

-You can say that again.

Put him in a room with Wayne Newton's monkey. Throw in the keys to a new Jaguar. Winner take all.

Someone's taking the school bus.....

I hope he checked it for cats first.

When he said he wanted something bigger they should have given him a 1964 impala. Lotsa room in one of those at a low price.

Him parents gonna be unhappy.

Well.....what else could he do?

Walking for a few years, will teach this brat an important lesson.

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