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August 26, 2019


Clingy bees swarm man's butt

This has been The News From India.

(Thanks to Michael Parry)


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Here's a news flash for yew, Missus uh-Wiggins: that isn't not honey pot there. (ter-her, ter-her, ter-her)

On another note: some Native American men would sit motionless on a hill of fire ants to prove they were warriors.

MOTW--You have touched on a little-known bit of Western history. The tribe of Indians that sat on fire ant mounds found they could make a better--and safer--living selling coffee to wagon trains. Soon Scarbutts Coffee shops were in most towns and on every major road.

Oh my @LePet. That was awesome!

LOL @ LePet!

Good one Le Petomane!

I'm calling it that from now on.

Is the TP in their restrooms really that scratchy?

There's that planet again.

Nicknamed Honey Cheeks.

I saw the "Butt Honeys" open for Willie Nelson. All girl group, great harmony.

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