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August 14, 2019


Nashville Man caught on camera shoving brisket, propane down pants

(Thanks to Bill Carver)


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This may be normal behavior for his/its gender. NTTAWWT

......advised officers to "leave his drunk *expletive* *expletive* alone."
I wish they'd just say what the expletives were because what I think is probably a whole lot worse than what he actually said.

With a little more training and field experience, Nashville Man could become Florida Man.

I'm guessing alcohol might possibly have been involved.

From the look of that mug shot, I'd say he'd already started the fire and was smoking the brisket.

Nashville Man!
He got caught on camera...

Nashville Man!
The dumbest crook in town!

I'm sure there are easier ways to cook brisket.

"Hey baby, there's a barbecue party goin' on in my pants...."

Silly man, there hasn't been any recipes for butt cooked brisket for a long time--for good reason--it stinks.

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