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August 01, 2019


A bunch of mail to the blog just disappeared, so if you sent something in and it didn't get posted, we blame the Russians.


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Uh oh. Bye bye Judi.

I use that excuse at work all the time.

Meanwhile, that poor Nigerian prince is left hanging waiting for your reply.

The Russians only wish they could send in stuff as good as what we send. They're strictly amateurs in the humor department. Just look at Vlad. He looks like the guy whose wife forced him to take her to the Manilow show.

Probably got a hold of some of the 'Bleach Bit' free soft The Hill used to wipe her servers.

This is actual free software Hillary's Tech people used to wipe her servers. Har.

" My dog ate it. "

Bleach Bit sounds like it came from the creators of Tide Pods.

judi retired to Russia?

Русские наши друзья, по крайней мере, насколько я знаю.

Probably some do-gooders are calling this a public service deleting.

Ha ha the jokes on them.



Who will you fire now that Judi's gone?

I saw the Kremlin Blog Hackers open for the Red Elvises.

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