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August 13, 2019


New St. Andrews ladder truck rolls onto side during training exercise

(Thanks to Duane Carrell, who says "undoubtedly practicing for an upcoming trip to Florida.")


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Clearly the driver failed the all important "doing donuts" test.

True story. In my home town the volunteer fire company constructed a modern firehouse. It's first fire was the firehouse. Fortunately, the fire only caused damage to one room, as the emergency responders were very quick to the scene.

Cue the video.

Wanderer, I remember seeing that in the theater as a kid (the movie was so long, it had an intermission). I saw it again recently on TV, and it was just as funny as it was back then.

They probably shouldn't train it to rollover.

Peter Mentriko--Back in the 50's when I was a kid, my parents drove me over to watch the local fire department burn down with both engines still inside. When the gas tanks started blowing, it was quite exciting. Thankfully, no one was hurt. I later learned the old fire chief had accepted a new job several states away.

I wonder how long that driver of the rolled firetruck will stay in St. Andrews?

Roll over, come on roll over!
That's a good ladder truck.
Who's a good ladder? you're a good ladder truck! YES you ARE! YES YOU ARE!

Was a traffic circle involved? A ritzy suburb, which shall not be named, installed a 'traffic calming' traffic circle only to discover the turn was so tight that it caused their fire truck to roll over on an emergency call (fortunately a false alarm). Some red faces went back to the drawing board.

Didn't know "skid into a parking space" was part of mandatory training

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