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August 30, 2019


A former top-ranking General Services Administration manager admitted to having sex on the roof of the agency's headquarters building and drinking alcohol in the office, according to an inspector general report made public this week.

(Thanks to The Fourth George, who says "I worked for GSA for years and never once did I think about having sex on the roof. Pigeons have sex on the roof.")


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Soon to be a letter to the PLAYBOY ADVISOR. Is that still around ? (gets on the geezer bus....)

So the "Inspector General" is "inspecting" these "General Services"? On the roof, we'll assume.

So the lobby was otherwise engaged?

As Denny Crane (William Shatner) would have said in Boston Legal; "I fail to see the problem."

Was his last name Costanza?

Soon we will have no Constitutional rights left!

Why let pigeons stop you? Fish have sex in water, yet you still drink it.

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