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August 12, 2019


Tenga unveils world’s first masturbatory aid vending machines in Japan

(Thanks to Ralph, who says "Dildo Depot")


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Locals call them "Go and Come" stores.

Now I'm ashamed to be an American.

If someone says "The vending machine is stuck," just stay away.

"Larry? This is Phil, in Marketing. About that new Tenga account.
How about, 'When you have a Yen for sex.'...?

"Not gonna touch this one." That's what she said....

Didn't Masturbatory Vending Machines open for The Sex Pistols at CBGB in the early 80s???

Yep, that horse is dead; beat it again...

And " arimasu " to you too, Tenga.

Exactly what do you put in the slot?

No wonder Japan's population is declining.

Crank wankers?

When they expand into Vietnam, you'll pay with dong.

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