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August 22, 2019


Stray squirrel causes fear, panic in the Twins dugout

(Thanks to Ralph)


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When a squirrel appears, is the DH supposed to take one for the species?

The players that jumped up on the dugout seats do know squirrels can climb don't they?

The players are armed with bats and helmets, and they run from a squirrel? By comparison, I've stared at a 300 pound Black Bear from 6 feet away. Neither of us moved at first; then I backed away. I didn't take my Swiss Army Knife out of my pocket because I didn't want the bear to laugh at me. Squirrels can do a lot of property damage, but are rarely a personal threat. They are sort of bushy-tailed mosquitos — annoying, but a good swat can solve the problem.

Now they need to fumigate the dugout.


Why do we have the armed forces if not for things like this?

Not My Usual, he's the designated hitter, not the designated rabies victim.

By the way, it's obvious there was nobody from Arkansas or Louisiana on the team, or else this wouldn't have been a problem.

Those burly players only ran away because they thought the squirrel could have been a Caerbanng killer squirrel.
At least that's what they tell people in bars.

AH, is the big 'professional' player afraid of the itty-bitty rodent?
Maybe it's time to retire due to emotional stress.

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