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August 15, 2019


9:36 p.m. An elderly man was walking around town in sweatpants.

(Thanks to Roberto)


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Can't be Dad, he died 2 years ago.

"Canadians driving like jerks"...? Nah.. Probably Americans in a Canadian rental car, eh?

So this guy ran off his brother because he was tired of listening to him complain about being told to stop picking berries in the middle of the night. The brother then went to a local store and complained about his berry picking experience to whoever was in the parking lot. When nobody was interested in hearing it, he walked home.

I'm just glad he was wearing pants.

Probably a Canadian in an American rental car. I was once pulled over for driving 100 -- who knew that meant something different in the USA?

Waiting for Wal Mart to open.

You know, wearing sweatpants in public SHOULD be against the law.

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