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August 17, 2019


A Florida man walked into a fishing store. He left with a ‘large bulge,’ cops say

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Is that a flounder in your pants or re you just happy to be here?

Florida Man got reeled in because of baggy pants?

Bassmasters? Yeah, I know Bassmasters. it's a fishing show, right? - Obscure Bill Murray quote

(Free Geeezer monthly buss pass to whoever can remind me what movie this is from)

A little song, a little dance, a little fishing reel down your pants.

PirateBoy "Who ya gonna call? The Sequel!"

He stole a fishing reel by stuffing it down his pants? Insert (har har) your "rod" joke here.

Thanks, David H! I can finally sleep tonight.

(Hello, campers! It's Groundhog Day!)

This looks like a joke with the middle part missing.

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