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August 12, 2019


US Dept. of Transportation Rules Airlines Must Allow Miniature Horses to Fly as Service Animals


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Come on. This is a GEICO commercial, right?

"I would like to take you back to your time in your mother's womb...what was wrong being there, what insecurities did you have there?"

"My miniature horse was not there."


So there's hope for my unicorn.

Put several horses on one flight and they could hold a rodeo instead of showing a movie.

After landing at your destination, watch where you step when departing the plane.

I'll be impressed when pigs fly.

What ever happened to just taking a picture of your special friend? LeDud, I'll be impressed if I ever fly again.

" Common, Wilbur. Let's go to Miami ! "

What about Wayne Newton's monkey or that monkey's uncle, might we find ourselves seated next to a monkey.

What about my service rhino?

Maybe if the horses give rides it will shut up the screaming infants.

@Marc I have had that happen on many flights.

Anybody can fly nowadays.

overhead on the PA system
she was callin' Wi-i-ild Fire!
hear me callin' Wi-i-ild Fire!
service horsey Wi-i-ild Fire!

I went to my vet with a cough. The doctor said I was just a little horse.

I'd rather sit next to a mini-horse than some of the people I've been stuck near on planes.

Are emotional support camels allowed too?

I’d say this is a bunch of horse poop, but they’ll have plenty of that on the plane.

Will they have to remove their shoes at security?

They are putting in some limitatiosn. No gnus is good news, as they say.

So when did Mr. Ed take over the Dept of Tranportation ?

The good news is higher overall employment because the airlines will have to hire people to carry brooms and shovels.

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