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August 11, 2019


Guy builds a house on personal pond so he can fish from his living room

(Thanks to the Minx of Antioch)˙


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The man knows his priorities.

If the homeowner adds a draw bridge he won't have to worry about porch pirates.

Similar to Garrison Keillor's story about the guy who put a wall of his bedroom on hinges so he could go duck hunting without getting out of bed.

I have a 250 gallon aquarium IN my living room. It's easier to move the fish to the house than the house to the fish.

his poor wife - now she can't get him out of the house.

In Florida this home would be known for easy access to food by the local alligators and pythons.

Bill, I'm assuming he's either single or will be very soon.

I bet he doesn't have a roach problem.

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