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August 01, 2019


Terrified woman finds massive huntsman spider the size of a SAUCEPAN stalking her living room

You know the continent.

(Thanks to John W and Eric Y)


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The rest of the story:

The huntsman spider was quickly attacked and eaten by a death adder. As the snake slithered from the house, it was attacked and eaten by a huge python that was also quickly eaten by a crocodile.

Incidents like this are causing Australian officials to consider changing the population signs to "shrinking."

Le Pet - I know an old woman who swallowed a fly...

Le Pet, the python was a bit too big of a meal, and the snake killed the croc as it tried to escape. The dead croc washed down the river out to sea, where it was eaten by a passing great white shark. Which in turn was eaten by a hungry killer whale. Which in turn was harpooned by the Japanese and sold in a Tokyo fish market to a high-dollar restaurant that serves whale meat.

So she was terrified before she found the spider?

If the woman is still in need of comfort, I'm available until summer's well into autumn.

Well, I'm not clicking on that. There might be pictures.

Time to burn the house down.

The usual shoddy journalism. They didn't mention the size of the saucepan.

Shortly after I moved to Australia, one of these was on top of the rental car when we went out in the morning. I uttered a small ladylike shriek, at which point my Australian husband disdainfully said "They're not *poisonous*" as if that meant there was no excuse for freaking out at a spider the size of a dinner plate.

"Terrified woman finds massive huntsman spider the size of a SAUCEPAN stalking her living room" "IT WAS STALKING HER LIVING ROOM?" No, no. The *saucepan* was stalking the living room. The spider was just the same size.

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