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August 06, 2019


A robotic tail that claims to balance out the human body could be used instead of a cane to help prevent elderly people from falling over.

(Thanks to Bill Huggins and Mark Schlesinger)


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I'd prefer a robotic scooter with a little bell on the handlebars.

Mark Mothersbaugh will be so pleased.

Marketed under the name "Dinogeezer".

They should try the Weeble Wobbles principle.

ANd get off my laaaaaawn...

The robotic tail comes with your choice of T-Rex or cat costume.

"In this work, Arque, we propose an artificial biomimicry-inspired anthropomorphic tail to allow us alter our body momentum for assistive, and haptic feedback applications."

Easy for you to say, Skyler!

In most roadhouse bars they could rent these tails out and make a profit.

The downside will be when the tails can talk.

"HAL, there's a cute gal at the end of the bar, lets go get acquainted."

"I'm sorry,Dave, but we can't do that."

I can't wait to hear the business pitch on Shark Tank.

With this you won't need to worry about muggers, they'll be rolling on the ground laughing.

All well and good until someone confuses it with an adult diaper.

Its 2019, for heavens sake!
Instead of flying cars we get tails?

Where's the cupholder?

What colors does it come in ? A friend wants to know.

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