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August 31, 2019


'Grade-A treated human feces' spilled onto major Polk road, blocking traffic

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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So I'm assuming E. coli levels were kept to a minimum only because the designated "Grade-A treated" fecal matter meant it was collected from only healthy individual? Also, the designation meant it's fine to use as fertilizer for Grade A lettuce, cabbage and other garden vegetables available at your local grocer?

Reading this article makes it easy to answer the question, "Soup or salad?"

man tom: Grade A biosolids are heated or otherwise treated to kill pathogens. They also are tested for the presence of other contaminants, like heavy metals. The problem is that there are still tens of thousands of chemicals that they are not tested for: anything that goes into a sewage system (including legal and illegal drugs) ends up in them, and the testing is done only on a tiny sample of each batch. They can legally be used on garden vegetables, but are more commonly used for forage crops.

And what do you think goes into your soup?



Now back to our regular programming

Well, hopefully none of the recalled garden vegetables.

Ralph - many restaurants receive their lettuce, vegetable, etc. prepackaged. When asked if they wash the prepackaged vlettuce, etc before they serve it to customers. Well, the answer is, "no."

Plus I once found a Wully Mammoth in my taco.

I have a feeling Grade "C" feces are used mainly in growing kale

Often, almost every day, I eat lunch if not dinner at a variety of ethnic restaurants. For example if my wife wants to have shrimp, she knows which place to go where they will sail out on a boat and catch the shrimp for her and serve it up as my wife describes it as, "pretty fresh one-hour old shrimp." I once ate at one of these ethnic restaurants who featured Leatherface, just after he had massacred the waiter, as the chef.

Never buy food of any kind from China, or any country known to have significant rural farming regions with people who don't constantly wash their hands living in mud huts touching crops or fishing. Especially if their irrigation ditches run through the barn yard. One such region is South America.

I recently discovered a delicious desert at one of these restaurants we frequent. It is called Ruam Mit. The English translation of Ruam Mit is, "all my friends."
This is a sweet dessert prepared using red food colored chestnuts, jello, maybe cream and thai spices covered in crushed ice. I tell my wife no entree for me, i want to have; "all my friends."

My sister-in-law, the germ-o-phobe, plans to be living with us soon. She visited recently and suggested to my wife I should wear gloves and a mask to take the trash out. At minimum, I will have to wash my hands before I touch anything in the entire house.

Ralph if you are ever out I would be happy to take you out for some one-hour old shrimp. Le Petomane, I would take you out to the best ethnic food on the planet, In N Out Burger. I have some moist toweletts somehere around here in the car for when I fill up. I also keep a stockpile, ok hoard, of antibiotics in case I come up with a deep wound when filling up or I should come in contact with Leatherface.

man tom-My late brother-in law lived in Mountain View and every time we visited, we were to go to In and Out burgers and we have been told are the best on the planet, but it never happened. They are on my bucket list.
I have run across some interesting recluses who get their medical supplies at Tractor Supply where you can buy antibiotics cheap. They are still kicking and causing problems, so I assume veterinarian meds work just fine on people.

Le Petomane - A man I have known for about thirty years, my maintenance man, had to travel overseas earlier this month due to his mother passing away. He got back last week and came to the office the other day and repaired a broken main drainpipe leading to the sewer on a sink. After He finished we asked about how things went when He was away tending to his mother's passing. He showed some pictures on his phone He had taken while there and to our astonishment revealed, his mother was one-hundred and six years old! I know you are asking yourself. No, there is not a Tractor Supply in the entire country of Laos.

Had his mother been living in the U.S., she could have lived longer. Maybe could have shattered the record.

He has been busy traveling a lot this summer and many times I could't get him to repair things. So, the other day I mentioned I had to install a new ten foot section of guttering along with the down spout in the back of the house. He thought about what I said then asked, "does it work?" My wife laughed so hard I was kind of mad about it. Then I washed my hands.

Miralax will help with the blockage.

I thought that this stuff was sort of pass/fail...

I think Feces Grader is now a college major at many schools.

Just remember that the truck sitting next to you at the red light could be transporting this. So drive carefully. Wouldn't want an accident.

man tom: I love fresh shrimp. The farmed Asian variety is tasteless.

The question of biosolids (if you support it) or sludge(if you don't — same thing) is not simple. Here in NH I knew people on both sides of the argument, who all had valid ecological points. A Ph.D. Chemist did not want unknown substances being biomagnified through the food web. One of the owners of a biosolids company here pointed out that the state has some of the strictest standards in the US, and doesn't want his kids harmed any more than anyone else's. Disposing of human waste after treatment is a big problem — it has to go somewhere.

Towns here can pass an ordinance to prohibit spreading biosolids, but if they do, the state will not accept their septage at its treatment plants. Of course, we could always just dump it in the river like we used to, and let people downstream drink it. I'm waiting for Trump's EPA to allow that again.

Ralph - A serious subject I am sure is debated all across the country. How to best treat waste and insure our water supplies are not contaminated? This situation effects me in business. We have in recent years purchased new 'digital' x-ray equipment. I run the whole show. I build the computers, install and operate the software, take all Craniofacial x-rays and any other x-ray we may need, x-ray technician, IT guy, etc. Until a few years ago, we used the old conventional method of developing x-rays. The use of chemicals. We still have one machine in a second office that uses these developing chemicals. Just the other day we had to pay a technician (plumber, Har) to come in and inspect and insure the backflow device was working properly so none of the chemicals managed to get into the water supply. I believe silver is the main substance that is dangerous. Fixer is in solution that coats the x-ray and insures it's longevity, it won't fade out with the proper chemicals applied.

Anyway, we are subjected daily in business to the rules and regulations which protect people from contaminating and making dangerous their water supply. I still don't drink the water.

I think out here they just run the sewage out into the ocean at Huntington Beach then put up signs and close it down several times a year when the tide shifts unfavorably inward.

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