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August 15, 2019


Florida man threatens neighbors with nunchucks and bug spray, but only injures himself

(Thanks to John Lobert and pharmaross)


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Larry 'Nunchucks' Adams and Larry Csonka are two Hall of Famers not named Mean Joe Greene. Or Franco.

Looks like we found our Curly for a Three Stooges reboot.

This would make a great logic puzzle: You are locked in a room with only a nunchuck, an empty can of roach spray, and a box containing a loaded semiautomatic handgun magazine. How do you escape?

I saw this happen back when I worked in a mental hospital.
A patient I was admitting jumped out of his chair, started yelling and swinging some nunchucks. He quickly whacked the nunchucks over his head, knocking himself out cold. I never knew what happened to him after the medics carted him off to the medical wing.

Did the music turn down after the police arrived?

Did he only threaten neighbors who had BOTH nunchucks AND bug spray?

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