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August 15, 2019


Man Gets Delta Plane All To Himself And, Of Course, He Filmed The Whole Thing

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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Yet still there was the sound of a crying baby and something was kicking his seat.

I was the only passenger on a flight once. (Inbound was late, everyone else had a connection so they were rebooked.) Pilots were working on paperwork. I poked my head into the cockpit and said, "HI, my name is Dave and I'll be your passenger today." One looked up and said, "You FAA?" "No." "Company?" [Do I work for the airline?] "No. I'm a revenue passenger. Every airline should have one." Then I grabbed myself a diet Coke while the flight attendant was busy stocking the galley (first flight for this aircraft on the airline, a United Express company.)

The pilot came back and gave me a personalized in-flight briefing before we took off. It was the middle of the day, we made up half the time from STL to IAD.

Probably my favorite experience in 1.5 milliion miles flying.

I wonder how much money Delta lost by flying one guy? Then again, if the plane was needed in Salt Lake later, they'd have had to ferry it empty, so at least they made a few bucks.

Did they let him sit in first class?

Per local news, plane had a mechanical problem and didn't take off, don't know how the passenger got to Salt Lake City, but plane flew there empty once it was repaired.

I once was the only position on an early morning flight from Denver to Las Vegas -- crew told me the plane was being 'repositioned' and that particular flight often flew nearly empty.

Oops! "Only passenger."

Back in the late 1970s, I flew from Chicago to Newark on a 747-200. It was an aircraft re-positioning flight late in the evening. There were about 20 passengers in total. I had an entire coach section all to myself. No screaming babies, drunks smokers or chatty passengers. Ahh.......

If I ever found myself being the only passenger on a commercial flight, I would expect to overhear a stewardess asking the pilot if they had found that escaped black mamba yet.

On a flight from Malpensa Italy to O'Hare. I shared an entire section with just a young Italian girl. They had inexplicably seated us side-by-side in the last row. (As soon as we were airborne I moved to my own empty row (probably much to the young lady's relief.)

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