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August 26, 2019


Man shot after attacking QuikTrip security with didgeridoo, police say

(Thanks to Stan Ruth)


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If only he hadn't said, "Play your didgeridoo, Blue."

They need to get those things out of civilian hands.

In our Old West, scouts and mountain men always carried a kazoo instead of the much larger didgeridoo. Both, however, are effective at repelling bears and most wild animals.

I picture a scene similar to Indiana Jones and the guy with the scimitar.

Apparently everything from Australia is lethal.

Federal agents later surrounded the Didgeridoo while a county corner confirmed no human meat was present, but a venomous snake with what appeared to be a skull and crossbones atop the continent of Australia on it's forehead was found inside. Apparently the snake had swallowed whole a couple of Indigenous Australians wearing rubber pig mask while committing a sex act. Police are declining to give any further information about the sex act due to the ongoing investigation.

Sure, everyone knows not to bring a knife to a gun fight, but to bring a didgeridoo shows a loose roo in the paddock.

Went to a gun fight and a world ambient music concert broke out.

This is a didgeridon't.

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