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August 02, 2019


Texas school chief suspended after head-butting incident

(Thanks to Steve K)


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My late friend Bill would have said, "Texas leads the way."

Drunken head-butting at Whataburger is no way to go through life, son.

The Texas school chief was likely charged for Assault with a blunt instrument.

I recall Jesse James was taken down at a Whataburger by a head-butt from that dirty little coward who butted Mr. Howard.

I thought disagreements in Texas were resolved with a chili cook-off at twenty paces.

He undoubtedly was distraught at the purchase of Whataburger by a Chicago company with "Capital" in the name. That's never a good sign. So he got drunk and went to get a Whataburger before they've been ruined by the new owners.

You'd have a tough time controlling everything that goes on during rutting season.

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