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August 08, 2019


Turkmenistan's leader does doughnuts next to flaming crater to prove he's not dead

(Thanks to Jay Brandes and Asher Scheiner)


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Too bad he didn't It would have been horrible had he lost control and gone into the crater.

Send the leader a FL driver's license pronto. Also, Turkmenistan is located in close proximity to Uzbekiatan where every citizen is issued a valid FL Driver's License during conception.

As Monty Python was wont to say "I'm not dead yet"

Doughnut ego, ergo sum as Descartes used to say.

Disappointing. I was expecting glazed or with sprinkles.

So this guy is out of the public eye for three weeks, and the public is so traumatized they think he's dead? I'd say 100% of the rest of the world would be ecstatic if they didn't have to see their leaders for three weeks.

By the way, Vlad looked positively overjoyed to get that dog, didn't he?

Clankie I thought the same thing. I wondered how him making doughnuts next to a flaming crater would prove he's still alive. In my defense I have a head cold and my thinking isn't real clear right now. About the Florida driver's license. I'm not sure they're big enough for his entire name. Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov is a mouthful!

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