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August 14, 2019


The internet is going crazy over a 'salmon cannon' that shoots fish over a dam

(Thanks to chuck)


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Would make a great deportation device.

Something is fishy about this story.

Who says American ingenuity is dead? (Granted, this was invented pre-Trump.)

So are the salmon broiled or grilled before placing in the cannon?

In France, this would be called art.

The next step will be developing a fish cannon that shoots the fish directly to a cannery.

If you've ever driven the Atlanta freeways during rush hour, you know just what this feels like.

Industrious Miami importers are working on a higher powered "Square Grouper Cannon"

This works better late in the day with the proper incantations. There's an old song about it:

"Salmon chanted evening...."

There are people who would pay to ride a larger one of those.

It's not "just an Internet video thing", yet we all saw it on Internet video?


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