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August 09, 2019


Florida man drives golf cart into Walmart as deputies chase him with a Taser


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He shot a bogey, then became one.

An earlier conversation with his cort appointed therapist:

"So Michael are you having any more episodes of delusion of Grandeur/"

"Call me Arnold Palmer."

"Lets step back a sec. Last month you asked I call you Tiger?"

"I don't what real and what's not, so just call me Arnold Palmer for now and do some more research and have yourself looked into."

This guy is lucky he didn't get shot! I went to our Walmart the other day and they now have armed policeman standing at each entrance.

Ours had a Police Parking Only zone. It was expanded to accommodate a full SWAT team

A solid 7/10; would have received a higher score if the driver was naked, drinking beer from a cooler. Extra credit if Wayne Newton's monkey had been riding shotgun in the golf cart.

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