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August 12, 2019


Meth, cocaine and heroin found in Florida middle school teacher's car

This has been your Florida Education Report.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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It takes a lot to deal with middle schoolers these days.

She looks like she feels sorry for herself for being caught.

She must have good connections.

"That's not my car."

Stixnstonz beat me to it.

Also, that's a hard 44 years.

I once threatened to stuff a book down a 14 year old girls throat once during my stint as a teacher. I can relate to this poor, beaten soul.

So LeDud, will you continue teaching when you get out of jail? A friend wants to know.

Nice mug.

Can I make fun of her hair?

If I saw that when I walked in the classroom, I'd have wasted no time walking back out and asking for a transfer.

She was doing research to be able to teach "higher" education.

The 41-year old passenger might be one of her students...

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