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August 29, 2019


A Florida man who was filmed mowing his lawn in the nude wants to be a teacher again, after retaining his certification following the incident.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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He's already taught us all a good lesson.

I once had an English Lit instructor nicknamed Chief who was caught walking down Main Street with nothing but a front flap loin cloth. He was as good a teacher as one might expect. (not good)

Hey, he was mowing his own lawn naked, not teaching calculus. As long as he comes to school fully clothed, I think they need to give him a break.

Most people are pretty scary without clothing. This might help him with classroom discipline.

Public nudity that does not involve lewd behavior is legal in New York, Vermont, and Michigan, with local exceptions. In most other places it is a misdemeanor, like littering. At what point does trivial off-duty behavior become grounds for destroying the career of a civil servant? How about people who deny evolution or climate change? We used to fire teachers for "living in sin" because it was a bad example for their students. It's not 1620 any more. It's time to move on.

Just don’t let him do show and tell.

Actually, Ralph, in 1620 they had pretty open and honest conversations about sex. Remember, everybody lived in one-room houses. When it came that time, the kids saw it. The meaning of "Puritan" has evolved over the years from the original connotation. They weren't shy about discussing sex.

Rod Nunley: True, but the Puritans did not mow their lawns while naked. Immodesty in public, particularly by women (such as naked arms), was severely punished.

"DON'T LOOK, ETHEL!" But it was too late, she'd already been incensed.

^5 to Frank!

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