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August 14, 2019


Mike Tyson says he smokes $40G worth of pot each month

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Who doesn't?

But its a good thing. He hasn't bitten any ears in weeks.

I saw a clip of a Mike Tyson ‘fight’. The ref rang the bell to start things rolling. The opponent, 6’4” shuffled out of his corner ready to duke it out.
Then Death (aka Mike Tyson) came out of his corner.
Had I been the opponent, I would have taken one look at Mike and promptly forfeited the match.
But they fought. Or at least Mike did. As the opponent would say later, “If you think my face looks bad, you should see his gloves”

He obviously hasn't done any price comparisons lately.

Listening to him I bet you get an earful. Heh.

My shocked face.

How would he even know?

What a piker.

At least that's what his entourage tells him.

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