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August 30, 2019


We're pullin' fer ya.

If you want to flee to Canada; you could stay here and spend a week or so signing all my books.

We eat lobster.

-- The Perts

Thanks, but you lost us at "lobster."


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Dear Perts,

Offer him poutine and petanque and he's yours.

Dave, Mr. MOTW makes the best BBQ ever. Y'all're welcome here.

Don't forget to throw the lawn furniture in the pool.

Lookin'a little Grey there.

Speaking of Dorian, Miami may have the most 2019 way to die in a storm.

I'm gonna shout it all night

Dave, I hate to ask and hex things, but how's the generator working?

You can buy 20 lbs. of lentils on Amazon for around $13.50. I have chocolate, Cheez-Its, and Diet Coke if you come up this way.

I saw dockless scooters open for Grand Fund RR in 1974.

Here in New Mexico (The Land of Entrapment)we don't have hurricanes, or pythons. Hide out from Dorian here and enjoy the sand storms, tacos, burritos, menudo---and?--I'm thinking, I'm thinking...

I'm betting that nobody can live blog a hurricane better than Dave.

Le Pet, I know you have tornados over there. But have the fire ants and killer bees made it over your way yet?

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who doesn't eat lobster.

Rod Nunley--We lived in San Angelo, Texas for 14 years. I can honestly say that Texas is way ahead in the fire ant department along with tornados, killer bees and beer making. We have Mexican food, tequila and other interesting stuff such as grilled green chili rattlesnake tacos, but Texas has the best steaks ever.

Another update.

I don't like lobster or crab. Especially the stuffing.

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